Stagetrip 10

Active full-range speaker for stage and FoH

Introducing Nowsonic Stagetrip 10

The Nowsonic Stagetrip 10 is an active mono speaker offering considerably better directivity thanks to a coaxial arrangement of the woofer and the tweeter. The on-axis audio output improves source location and also considerably minimizes unwanted effects caused by phase cancellation or addition. The Stagetrip 10 features a 10″ woofer plus a 1″ titanium dome tweeter; the internal bi-amping power amplifier provides 300 watts for the woofer and 100 watts for the tweeter.

Thanks to its enclosure design and the speaker-stand mount adapter, you can use the Stagetrip 10 as a floor wedge for monitoring purposes or as a full-range speaker for front-of-house (FoH) applications.

When mounting the speaker onto a stand, the power amplifier will be positioned at the bottom, thus improving protection against humidity and dirt. On the input side, the Stagetrip 10 accepts line signals (from a mixing console, a CD player, etc.). Alternatively, it is possible to connect a dynamic microphone. The sensitivity can be adjusted using a switch, whilst a switchable high-pass filter ensures better speech intelligibility when needed. The audio signal and the power supply can be passed through to subsequent devices via the corresponding outputs.


Features and Applications


  • Active two-way speaker system with coaxial speaker arrangement
  • Large woofer and crystal clear titanium tweeter
  • Sound-field coverage 60° × 60°
  • High power and high sound pressure thanks to internal bi-amping power amplifier
  • Combo socket for direct connection of a dynamic microphone or line source
  • Power supply through mechanically secured PowerCon port, power pass-through to following devices
  • Switchable high-pass filter
  • Rugged enclosure made of multilayer plywood


  • High-performance on-stage floor wedge
  • Full-range FoH speakers for small-scale sound-reinforcement applications
  • Easy-to-use vocal amplifier for band rehearsal
  • Personal full-range monitor for instrument amps of guitar or bass players, etc.


  • Speakers: 1x 10″ woofer and 1x 1″ titanium tweeter
  • Crossover frequency: 2.6 kHz
  • Coverage pattern: 60° x 60° (coaxial horn)
  • Power output: max. 300 W + 100 W (bi-amping)
  • Setting options:
    • Volume
    • 120 Hz Flat/Low Cut
    • Mic/Line Input button
  • Inputs:
    • Mic input (XLR/TRS combo jack)
    • Line input (XLR/TRS combo jack)
  • Mic sensitivity: 6 mV
  • Line sensitivity: 450 mV
  • Power supply:
    • PowerCon In (blue)
    • PowerCon Out (gray), max. 4 A
    • Supply voltage: 220-240 V, 50 Hz
    • Power consumption: 450 watts
    • Fuse: T2.0AL 250 V
  • Frequency range: 65 Hz – 20 kHz
  • SPL: max. 121 dB
  • Enclosure: Multiplex plywood, coated
  • Dimensions: 408 x 361 x 460 mm (W x H x D)
  • Color: Structure coating, black
  • Weight: 12.8 kg

Scope of delivery

  • Stagetrip 10
  • PowerCon cord
  • User manual


“In summary, the Nowsonic stagetrip series can only be described as positive. Here the customer is offered a high-quality, good sounding product at a very good price. You don’t have to say much more about this, except: Have fun with these really successful multi-purpose speakers.”

“Nowsonic’s active stagetrip series is a full-range loudspeaker designed for smaller sound reinforcement tasks and stage monitoring. Although the speakers can also be used as stand-alone speakers with direct microphone or line signals, the use of an equalizer is recommended to equalize the frequency band and eliminate feedback.”

“Nowsonic Stagetrip 10 and 12 are attractive multifunctional loudspeakers with a very good price-performance ratio. Switch on, turn up and feel good, that’s how you can characterize this system. Naturally, the twelve sounds a little more mature. It comes down deeper, delivers more pressure and is simply and grippingly louder. The stage trips in a cafe or restaurant can also be very useful as compact PAs. Entertainers on their own or small ensembles may like the sound characteristics and also appreciate the flexibility of these active speakers. Added to this is the manageable weight of 12 or 16 kg, which does not stand in the way of freedom to travel. My recommendation: listen to it at the dealer.”