Power distributor and voltage stabilizer

Introducing Nowsonic PowerPlant

The Nowsonic PowerPlant is a power supply with integrated voltage stabilizer for installation in 19″ racks and cabinets with outlets for up to 10 peripherals on the front and rear panel. The PowerPlant stabilizes the incoming AC voltage in the range from 170 to 260 VAC and provides uncompromised protection against electrical surge and voltage peaks. The power on and off of external amplifiers and other peripherals can be time-staggered thanks to the internal sequencer.

The ten IEC 320 outlets are grouped and provide individual filter settings for use with analog or digital devices and for operation with high loads. External USB devices can be connected and charged via a USB port on the front panel. Multiple PowerPlant units can be linked to handle higher loads. The PowerPlant ensures fault-free operation of your equipment in an optimized voltage range and protects against expensive repairs and downtime of your equipment.


Features and Applications


  • Stabilization of input voltages in the range from 170 to 260 V AC
  • Protects the connected devices from electrical damage
  • 10 IEC-320 outlets in three groups
  • Delayed power-up and power-down of the connected devices
  • RFI filter with multi-stage PL filter
  • Two unswitched outputs on the front panel
  • Circuit breaker
  • Extremely fast response to transients and surges
  • Clear status LEDs and input voltage display on the front panel
  • Retractable LED light with variable brightness
  • Processing of extremely high current peaks
  • Multiple devices can be connected together to handle higher currents


  • Voltage stabilization to protect hardware from damage caused by low-quality power grids
  • Protect connected equipment from damage due to surges, short circuits or lightning strikes
  • Grounding pin for point-to-point grounding of the peripherals
  • Protection from damage to mains fuses caused by overload
  • Simplification of power-up operations for larger groups of devices


  • Power consumption: max. 10 A
  • Operating voltage: 170–230 V AC
  • Peak current: 6,500 A
  • 10 filtered IEC ports:
    • 3x digital
    • 3x analog
    • 2x high power
    • 2x unswitched
  • Spike protection modes:
    • Line to neutral
    • Zero earth fault
  • Delay interval: 5 seconds
  • Response time: 1 nanosecond
  • Overvoltage shutdown: 260 V AC version
  • Weight: 3.25 kg
  • Dimensions: 4.45 x 48.3 x 19 cm (H x W x D)

Scope of delivery

  • PowerPlant
  • Power cord
  • User manual


“The Nowsonic PowerPlant does exactly what it’s supposed to do: It delivers a constant voltage and reliably compensates for fluctuations in the power grid. The filters work reliably and the equipment appears to be optimally protected. […] The Nowsonic PowerPlant convinced us completely.”

“The Nowsonic PowerPlant supplies a constant voltage and compensates for fluctuations in the power grid. […] The USB charging function makes the voltage stabilizer more flexible than most competitors.”

“Incredibly favourable price for a device of the professional class!”