Shock Stop M

Insulation pad for speakers

Introducing Nowsonic Shock Stop M

The Nowsonic Shock Stop M is a budget solution for optimizing the sound in your studio. The absorbers are designed to eliminate the transfer of vibrations from your studio speakers to the stand surface. They are therefore a simple and effective way to protect against resonance and provide a more linear transmission. The modular design also means different dispersion angles can be achieved.


Features and Applications


  • Absorber panels made of high-density-foam
  • Optimizes the acoustic performance of your speakers
  • 3 different inclination angles
  • Suitable for near-field monitors


  • Damping of vibrations and resonances of studio and hi-fi loudspeakers
  • Correction of the inclination of studio and hi-fi loudspeakers
  • Height adjustment of studio and hi-fi loudspeakers


  • Color: anthracite
  • Size: M
  • Dimensions: 250 x 320 mm
  • Weight: 250 g

Scope of delivery

  • 2 x Shock Stop M


“For my stereo Qubes they are ideal to decouple the speakers from the desk. This reduces the drone and vibrations that are transferred to the desk top. At the same time the tweeter is angled to the ear axis, ideal for small monitor speakers.”

“Works perfectly and looks good too. So anytime again.”

“High quality product, you get what you pay for. I really recommend these !”